Before & After School

BSC operates from 7-9am on the grounds of Leichhardt Public School (120 child care places). Children begin their day with a variety of planned and spontaneous play and a nutritious breakfast. Children attending St. Fiacre’s are walked to school by a staff member at 8:15am, Leichhardt PS children are signed out for school at 9am. Children are split into 2 program areas: Junior (Kindy- Year 2) and Senior (Year 3-6).

ASC operates from 3-6 pm at Leichhardt PS (180 childcare places) and St.Fiacre’s (68 places). Children enjoy a delicious afternoon tea before beginning the afternoon´s activities. Kids are encouraged to choose how they would like to spend their leisure time from the sport, craft, and cooking activities on offer. The program is split into 3 program areas: Primary (Kindy & Year), Junior (years 2-3) and Senior (years 4-6).

If your child will attend tutoring, sports, band or any other program that requires them to leave our care for part of the program please complete the Special Arrangements Permission Form

The parent management committee aims to keep fees comparable to other area services. Permanent rates are charged for days that stay the same from week to week, while casual rates apply to days booked as a “one off” or on an irregular basis.

,Permanent Daily Rate,Casual Daily Rate
2019 Before School Care,$15.75,$17.75
2019 After School Care,$23.60,$25.60

Families who are eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) may have a portion of their fees paid directly to the service by the Federal Government. To determine your CCS eligibility and entitlement, please check out this Child Care Subsidy Information. Eligibility is linked to Child Immunisation under the No Jab No Pay program.


Before School Care,1-6PX-3509
After School Care,1-6PX-3453
St Fiacre´s After School Care,1-E2JKH