You can book into vacation care through the My Family Lounge App or website under the CASUAL BOOKINGS section. Program can be viewed below: 

Vacation care will start on Tuesday September 20th

Public School grounds from 7:30am to 6pm during School Holidays & DET Pupil free days. Fresh fruit is available for afternoon tea. Children will need to bring their own snacks, lunch & drinks.

Vacation Care Daily Rates

2021 Base rate is $57 plus daily bonus experiences cost.


Child Care Subsidy (CCS) will be applied to fees for families who have Current Child Care Subsidy enrolments.       


Registering for My Family Lounge in 3 Simple Steps     

Step 1
For families looking to book casual days for their child at our Vacation Care Service who have NOT used My Family Lounge before – you will need to ENROL your child and receive your unique MFL login. Let us know if you have an existing My Family Lounge account!

Step 2
Once you child is enrolled at our service, you can download the FREE My Family Lounge App from Google Play or the App Store ready to book in for our upcoming Vacation Care Program!

Step 3
To book in casual days for Vacation Care, simply log into the My Family Lounge App. In the CASUAL BOOKINGS tab, select the days required. Cancelling a booked casual day can also be done via the App!  There may be a charge applied if cancelled within our NO REFUND period which will be outlined in our T & C’s when booking.

Visit to see how this amazing parent portal will benefit you, pay particular attention to the Casual booking App.

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