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Leichhardt Out of School Hours (LOOSH)

is a parent-run not for profit organisation, established in 1988 in the grounds of Leichhardt Public School, which strives to provide quality out of school hours care to school age children in our community.

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BSC Children at Leichhardt OOSH
Before School Care operates from 7am-9am for a total of 2 hours. We offer breakfast from 7:30am-8:30am. We offer a range of physical and creative activities within the morning.


ASC Children at Leichhardt OOSH
After School Care operates from 3pm-6pm for a total of 3 hours. We offer afternoon tea around 3:30pm-4pm. We offer a range of creative activities for each program area and physical activities for all ages.


ASC Children at St. Fiacre’s OOSH
After School Care operates from 3pm-6pm for a total of 3 hours. We offer afternoon tea around 3:30pm-4pm. We offer a creative activities for each program area and physical activities for all ages.


Children at Leichhardt OOSH Vacation Care
Vacation Care operates from 7:30am-6pm for a total of 10.5 hours. We offer a large range of creative and physical activities that coincide with the daily theme. We offer external providers to come on site and excursions. We provide afternoon tea to the children around 3:30pm-4pm.


Waitlist now open for 2023

Please head to the ENROL NOW page to start your child’s enrolment through My Family Lounge and submit a ‘booking request’ to place your child on the waitlist.

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Our Customers Love

“Loosh is like our second family and our work/ kids / school life saver! The educators are all so invested in our children and they genuinely care. The programs are stimulating and fun and my kids particularly love the yummy afternoon tea snacks they provide  😍😍😍”

Daniela A

“The best team! Always there to help and say encouraging things about my son! He loves his days at LOOSH!”

Jamie B

“After being the stay at home Dad for 7 years, (children now 7/10), earlier this year I had taken on a supplementary job to support our household, I was apprehensive about having others to look after my children out of school hours. The wonderful staff at LOOSH have turned my apprehension into appreciation as; it’s a safe/caring environment, the children just love being there, the staff are so very supportive and attentive to children’s individual needs, and they never appear to run out of fun/educational activities for the children. Thank you for all your help :)”

David B

“LOOSH is an absolute life saver, not just because it allows us flexibility to manage busy lives and work schedules but because it creates a safe and nurturing environment for children. The LOOSH staff get the balance right between being caring but also firm and fair to create an after school experience the children enjoy and are happy to attend.”

Giles R

“LOOSH makes me feel at ease knowing that my child is safe and having fun. The ease of LOOSH being located at the school, the long hours available and the helpful staff make it an enjoyable place to pick up and drop off, and my child enjoys the different activities across the afternoons, looking forward to spending afternoons with friends.”

Lyssa T

“Our children adore LOOSH! So much so that they’re often not ready to leave when we arrive to collect them! I have no doubt this is attributed to the variety of activities and experiences they get to enjoy with their friends, coupled with the warm, welcoming environment created by the talented teaching team. LOOSH is seamlessly organised and communication is always open and responsive too. Knowing that our children are so well cared for outside of school hours whilst we work provides great peace of mind. I couldn’t recommend LOOSH more highly!”

Michelle B

“LOOSH and St Ficares LOOSH are just so wonderful. Both my daughters attend these services. After school care at St Fiacres and vacation care at LOOSH over the school break and they absolutely love it! The staff are wonderful and you can see the passion they have for caring for our children and looking out for their wellbeing, education and entertainment. Picking them up and going home is probably the hardest part of my day because they always want to stay a little longer to finish off the wonderful activities that the staff have organised.”

Silvana C

“I have my kids in Loosh BSC and ASC and they absolutely love the programs. I have been using Loosh continuously for more than 6 years and am pleased about their warm welcoming and flawless care for kids.”

Sithum F

“Our family has been receiving incredible support from the Loosh team for 5 years, and we are eternally thankful for the exceptional care they offer. The caregivers, resources, and activities provided by Loosh are of the utmost quality, providing us the necessary flexibility we require while navigating school life and work commitments.”

Terrilee M

Since we started LPS, LOOSH has been a life saver for us and our daughter. It allows her time to spend with friends that are not in her class in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The staff at LOOSH are incredibly caring and can match my daughters moods with a huge range of activities. It’s so reassuring to know we are leaving her with people who have a genuine concern for her safety and happiness.

Ella B

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If you are interested in employment with LOOSH, please email the Casual Staffing Coordinator (staffing@loosh.org.au) with a cover letter addressing the following criteria, a current resume, and contact details of two references.

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