Terms & Conditions

  • Families will agree to pay the fees specified on the fee schedule consent form and below upon enrolment.
 Session description   Fee type  Permanent   fee  Casual fee  Session length
Before school care:


 Flat fee $21.50  $23.50 2 hours
 After school care:


 Flat fee  $32.25  $34.25 3 hours
 Vacation care:


 Flat fee  n/a  $88 In Centre Day

$99 Excursion

10.5 hours
  • Families must understand that the designated direct debit account will be direct debited each Thursday for the amount owing up to the end of that week. 3 consecutive billing rejections my child’s enrolment may be suspended until the debt is paid in full successfully through out direct debit system. Families will need to allow for the Debit Success Fee of $19.95 per failed or returned transaction on top of the fees.
  • Payments cannot be made to us directly via the LOOSH bank account.
  • All accounts must be cleared of any fees in arrears by the end of each term if there are any outstanding fees owing.
  • The annual membership fee will be added to my account as my registration is processed.
  • Pay outstanding fees, as per the LOOSH fee schedule (see above), together with all debt recovery expenses including mercantile agents’ fees, court costs and legal fees reasonably incurred by the service in the collection of such outstanding fees.
  • In the case of default, families must acknowledge and give permission for any enrolment information specifically required for the purpose of debt recovery and identification of individuals in default to be forwarded to a debt collection agency for legal recovery action, if required.
  • Fees must be ready and available 24 hours before in your nominated bank account in order for the Debit Success payment to be successful.

Debit Success fees

  • LOOSH childcare fees will appear as the service name – “Leichhardt Out of School Hours/St. Fiacres Out of School Hours (via DBS)” on your account statement.
  • Debit Success Fees are not included in the statement fees sent to families each month.
  • Bank Account commission fee: $0 per transaction
  • Visa/Mastercard 2.47% per transaction
  • Amex 4.53% per transaction
  • $19.95 per failed or returned transaction

Other fees

  • Membership Fee – $10 per parent
  • The annual membership fee will be added to my account as my registration is processed.
    • Failure to notify the service of an absence will incur:
      – First three non-notifications in a calendar year: $10 non-notification fee per instance.- Four to five non-notifications in a calendar year: $20 non-notification fee per instance.- Six or more non-notifications in a calendar year: $50 non-notification fee per instance.
    • In the event that a non-notification results in contacting the Emergency Services a $200 non-notification search fee will be applied, not subject to childcare subsidy.
    • Early Fee – $2 per minute before 7am
    • Late Fee – $2 per minute after 6pm


  • It is the responsibility of families to mark their child absent using the My Family Lounge App. Alternatively families are able to inform LOOSH in writing via email that their child will not be attending LOOSH by the session start time.

Casual bookings:

  • Casual bookings can be requested via email to admin@loosh.org.au and are subject to availability. LOOSH holds no responsibility if we can respond in a timely manner or if there is unavailability.
  • Booking requests:
  • Families must use the My Family Lounge website to create and edit their bookings.


  • Families acknowledge that they will be added to the LOOSH Kinderloop platform, that can be accessed via the free Kinderloop plus app or via a web browser.
  • Families agree to never share photos from Kinderloop anywhere other than within Kinderloop.
  • LOOSH uses Kinderloop to share accident reports, program information, updates, and observations with families. Educators will be taking photos of activities and children in the day-to-day activities in the centre for the purpose of developmental reporting and secure parent communication. This includes group photos shared with other family members from LOOSH.
  • If you do not wish for educators to take your child’s photo you will still have access to all Kinderloop features, however photos containing your child will not be posted by educators.
  • Families will have the opportunity to select their preference for photos of your child on Kinderloop on the Fee Schedule and Consent form when you complete it as part of your child’s enrolment.
  • Irrespective of photo consent we do request a photo only for security purposes to identify your child on Kinderloop for emergency procedures.


  • The information provided in this application and in my child’s enrolment forms are true and correct and will be relied upon by the Service.
  • All steps must be completed as part of the enrolment process to offer a spot.
  • Families must notify the LOOSH immediately should there be any change in circumstances from the details as outlined in my child enrolment form including living arrangements of the child and/or Parent/Guardian, contact information, medical conditions within 7 days of such

Childcare Subsidy (CCS)

  • As a part of your enrolment at our service, we require you to confirm acceptance of the following items to be eligible to receive Government funding (CCS), if available.

Acceptance of these items, as well as some of the other information in your enrolment form, can be used as a Complying Written Arrangement.

  1. That your child’s details on the enrolment form as well as the details of the child I am enrolling are correct including supporting documents e.g. medical conditions, medical action plans, court orders.
  2. Families must ensure that the correct CRN is written for the parent/guardian and the child. LOOSH holds no responsibility if the enrolment was entered incorrectly by Families and LOOSH has lodged the CRN with the details that parents/guardians have submitted.
  3. That you have agreed to days of care with this service(s) and understand the start and end times of the care provided
  4. That care may be provided on a casual or flexible basis where available at your service(s) at your request
  5. That there are the usual fees associated with the care of my child which may vary from time to time
  6. That you will be required to have read the policies and procedures and understand the behaviour management process. This can be found on our LOOSH website: https://loosh.org.au/


Families understand that to cancel or change a booking I must notify the centre in writing (via email) and that 2 week’s notice is required to cancel a booking. The Cessation of Care form must be submitted to confirm the cancellation and for the cancellation to be processed. 

LOOSH bears no responsibility if any private babysitting arrangement is made between families and a LOOSH staff member.


Families will ensure that my child is collected by an authorised person or according to alternative arrangements made by families with staff and to ensure that staff are notified of any changes in writing via text or email.

Families must ensure they update their child’s enrolment with authorised persons who can collect.

Families cannot share their mobile number or PIN to sign their child in or out of LOOSH with others.

Families must ensure each person that they have authorised to sign my child in or out of the service must use their own mobile number and PIN to do so.

Medical conditions:

Families will keep their child from attending the Service should they be suffering any infections or contagious disease and notify LOOSH as soon as possible.

Families will ensure staff informed of any changes to my child’s health/medical condition and provide any requested medical documentation. Failure to supply an up-to-date Action Plan my result in your child’s enrolment being suspended. Families must update the enrolment and attaching the updated Action Plans received within 7 days of such change.

Families will ensure their child does not bring food to LOOSH which contains peanuts, tree nuts or any nut products.

In the event of sudden illness, accident or emergency, you will be able to authorise the person in charge of the Service at the time to follow the guidelines set down in the service policy document and seek medical treatment (including transport by ambulance) for my child. LOOSH will not be responsible for any fees associated with the cost of medical treatment and/or transportation.

Families understand that if my child has an ongoing medical condition, they must supply the service with a current action plan and if requested, any medications (including puffers/Epipen) their child may require. If I do not supply requested plans or medications, my child’s enrolment may be suspended.

Families understand that if at any stage if their child needs to take medication families will need to inform the service, ensuring the service has the correct medicine in its original packaging and labelled correctly. Families will also fill out the medical authorisation form for my child. If families do not supply the correct information and requirements this may result in my child not being able to attend. Families understand LOOSH educators have a duty of care to ensure the child is safe and are complying with legislative requirements.

Special arrangements:

Families are responsible for notifying LOOSH regarding lessons. Families must ensure that the special arrangement forms are submitted with the correct information at the latest by 2.30pm on the day the lesson commences. Failure to do this may result in your child not attending the lesson. Families must email in writing by 2.30pm on the day off the lesson of any one-off time changes or tutor changes.

LOOSH holds no responsibility if the special arrangement form is not submitted or submitted incorrectly and as a result your child’s lesson is missed or delayed.


Families must work in partnership with LOOSH to provide a welcoming and safe environment for all children. LOOSH will endeavour to contact families via phone, in person and via emails to communicate and arrange meetings to exchange information. As being part of a member of LOOSH you agree to work in partnership with us and exchange information.


All families must read and understand LOOSH’s procedures, conditions and Articles of Association as contained in the family handbook, Policies and Procedures and constitution, which forms part of this agreement, and which may be changed by notice from time to time by the Service at its sole discretion. LOOSH’s family handbook, Policies & Procedures and Constitution are all available on our website www.loosh.org.au

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